Avengers Premium Arcade Pinball Machine –

The Avengers Pinball Machine!

Ahhh yes.. The pinball machine! A lot of childhood memories here, so why not bring this lovely masterpiece into your Man Cave? We all have enjoyed hours on these bad boys so why not entertain yourself and all your buddies with this Avengers Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball!

The Pinball Machine features a dynamic setting that incorporates the six iconic Avenger heroes, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye. The aim of this game is to help The Avengers assemble to defeat the notorious villain Loki! The Pinball Machine also features a “raging hulk” animated target with magnet and ball interaction!

This is as good as it gets!

(Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.)


Authentic Yankee Stadium Seats –

Bring A Bit Of History Home With You!

For our baseball lovers we have got something you will absolutely love, Authentic Yankee Stadium Seats! Perfect for any sport themed Man Caves!

These are authentic seats from the Old Yankee Stadium. The same stadium where Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson, Derek Jeter, and other iconic Bronx Bombers capture 6 World Series titles. Removed from the stadium before it was destroyed, the classic chairs have the original fold-down seats, backrests, and seat numbers.

To keep their authenticity, the chairs have a Major League Baseball hologram and come with a signed letter from the New York Yankees and Steiner Sports Memorabilia, get these while you can!


Authentic Baseball Glove Leather Chair –

Authentic Leather Baseball Glove Chair!

So for all our Baseball lovers we have got something amazing for you to add to your Man Cave, The Authentic Baseball Glove Leather Chair!

Made by Rawlings, This chair is a giant replica of the baseball glove made for our seating pleasure! The leather this chair is made from is the exact same as the leather used in Rawlings’ “Heart of the Hide” baseball glove. It is also made with furniture grade foam so you and your arse will be relaxing all day in this wonderful chair! The size is 44″ H x 39″ W x 28″ D. (116 lbs.)


The Aquatic Bar – Gear For Men –

It’s A Bar That Floats!

We all enjoy the great outdoors, so we can’t just laze around all day in our Man Cave. Well now you can bring your Man Cave outside and enjoy a few beers with The Aquatic Bar!

This floating bar seats four of your friends around a integrated cooler, so your beers will stay nice and cold as you float around on your outdoor bar! A bottle holder is built into the front of every seat stores a can or bottle so you can enjoy yourself hands free and at the side of the bar it has a plug built in that drains melted ice in the built in cooler.

The bar is built from heavy-duty PVC that resists punctures and the bar also supports up to 880 lbs!


Beer Retro Tin Sign – Gear For Men –

What Do You Believe? 

Add a touch of class to your Man Cave with this amusing “I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer” Retro Vintage sign! This sign has a very retro style and will personalise any man space! It is a great piece to add to your wall and adds your own manly style!

Product Construction:

  • Made of tin
  • Measures 13 inches X 16 Inches



Air-Powered Hockey Table –

The Ultimate Addition To Your Games Room!

Everyone loves a good game of Air Hockey! If your looking for something that is going to make your Man Cave the place to hang out then this is for you! Your friends will love this and you will too! Spend hours of entertainment with one of the most fun table games around.

What Are Its Features?

  • The Air Hockey Table comes with a sleek triangular electronic scorer so you don’t have to try remember yours or your opponents score,
  • A great looking design to really make your Man Cave stand out
  • Also includes 2 pucks and 4 paddles!


Ace Of Spades Zippo Lighter –

Ace Of Spades:

Now this is a real kick-ass lighter! Why light up your pipe or cigarettes with a regular, boring lighter when you could pull out this bad boy and spark up like the high roller you are!

What Makes This Unique?

  • Genuine Zippo lighter with a Ace Of Spade design
  • Wind-proof lighter. Never let the wind stop you from lighting up.
  • All metal construction
  • Distinctive Zippo “click”

This lighter has a classic Ace of Spades design and looks amazing! Something that not only make your Man Cave look awesome with it lying around but also decks you out too!

This lighter is made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee!


The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher –

This Means War!

Who doesn’t love a good old snowball fight? And why should kids get to have all the fun? Well get prepared for your next snowball war and leave your enemies for dead with this amazing Snowball Blaster!

The Snowball Blaster launches 3 perfectly round baseball sized snowballs at an amazing 50 feet! Simply pack snow in the chambers and close the lid and its ready to fire! This bad boy packs a mean punch and will shoot down your opponents in an instant!


50 Caliber Knife – Badass Gear For Men –

Two Legendary Weapons In One!

The 50 Caliber bullet is one that fascinates many, with such incredible power and size how could you not love this beast of a bullet? Now you can impress all your friends more with the 50 Caliber Folding Knife! Made to the precise size of a 50 caliber bullet, this knife is also a great conversation piece!

What Are Its Features?

  • The blade length is 4″ long
  • Has a great looking polished brass case and copper plated bullet on the tip.

This kick ass knife will not fail to impress, and makes a great gift for gun enthusiast or a nice piece to add to your knife collection!


2 In 1 Flask & Cigar Holder – Smoking –

Scotch And Cigars: For The Classy Man

Love a drink of your favourite scotch with the rich taste of a cigar? Problem is, transporting cigars around can be a bit of a pain… They can break easily and they are not something you can just hold in your pocket until you’re ready to smoke it. Well, a solution has been created for this problem and we know you will enjoy this, The 2 in 1 Flask and Cigar Holder!

What’s Its Features?

  • This flask has a built in compartment that holds up to two 42/44 ring gauge cigars (or 8 cigarettes)
  • Also holds 4 ounces of your favourite liquor at the same time
  • This premium quality flask has a brushed finished so you won’t end up with fingerprint marks all over it.

Perfect for any cigar smoker!