Wall Mounted Gargoyle Bottle Opener –

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener!

Bottle openers can be a complete pain in the ass when you misplace them or your friends take it, so to have a bottle opener that just stays in the one spot at all times and is one of the best man cave ideas out! Introducing to you, the Wall Mounted Gargoyle Bottle Opener!

What Are It’s Features?

This wall mounted bottle opener will no doubt impress everyone that gazes upon it, it features

  • Constructed  into the shape of a gargoyle
  • Is made out of cast iron so it is nice and durable
  • The bottle opener is hand painted in a antique brass



Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish Bowl –

Love Fish? Add This To Your Man Space!

For all fish lovers, we have the perfect product for your Man Cave, The Wall Mounted Fish Bowl!

These awesome fish tanks can be hung virtually anywhere! They don’t require a pump or any filtration and they will really make your Man Cave stand out from the rest!


The Voice Activated R2-D2 –

Your Very Own Voice Activated R2-D2!

The perfect gadget for any Star Wars fan out there! The Voice Activated R2-D2 will take your Man Cave into a galaxy far, far away! This all time favourite character from the the Star Wars movie will no doubt impress everyone that gets too meet him!

What Are Its Features?

  • R2 reacts to rooms, hallways and can obey more than 40 voice commands!
  • Also a great feature is that he mimics the famous happy and sad sounds just like the real thing seen in the movies!
  • He can also play games like tag using his sensor to detect people in the room.
  • He also uses his sensor to follow you around the place!
  • Measures 15″ H x 7 1/2″ W x 10 1/2″ L


Vintage Popcorn Maker –

For The Movie Lovers!

So if your a movie lover and your Man Cave is where you just chill and watch whatever you want on the big screen then you’re going to love this! As we all know movies and popcorn go together perfectly so that’s why every Man Cave needs one of these! The Vintage Popcorn Maker by Nostalgia Electrics.

What Are Its Features?

This vintage styled popcorn maker is perfect for anyone!

  • It includes a stainless steel kettle with a built in stirring system and pops up to 8 cups of popcorn per batch!
  • This also includes a measuring spoon for oil or melted butter and a measuring cup for popcorn kernels so every batch pops perfectly!


All-view Rear View Mirror –

Wow Man, Look Out Behind You!

Love your car? Most men do, so to give you an easier driving experience we have something great for you, The All-view Rear View Mirror! Used by professional car racers and police officers the All-View Rear View Mirror eliminates dangerous blind spots, giving you a better view of the traffic around you.

What Are It’s Features?

  • Panoramic view reveals complete right, left and centre views
  • View is free from distortion and night time glare
  • Universal fit
  • Shatter-proof and vibration free
  • Measures 15 3/4 inches X 2 inches

It clips easily to your current rear view mirror and you will be on your way to better driving!


The Video Surveillance Clock –

Somebody’s Always Watching…

Feel like someone’s snooping around that shouldn’t be? Well catch them out with this Video Surveillance Clock! Cleverly disguises itself as a functioning analogue clock but really its main feature is its hidden motion activated video surveillance camera!

What Are Its Features?

  • The camera captures 720 x 480 resolution video from nine feet away!
  • It has a sensitive microphone that  picks up sound from 16′ away.
  • It can also take photos at 1,280 x 960 resolution.
  • It comes with an 8 GB microSD card and can store up to 12 hours of video or heaps of pictures!


Hot Dog Toaster –

Toaster For The Manliness Of Men:

We all love Hot Dogs so why not enjoy them in our Man Cave? With this retro styled Hot Dog Toaster, making Hot Dogs has never been easier and more enjoyable!

What Are It’s Features?

  • This toaster can cook two hot dogs at once
  • Also can prepare two toasted hot dog buns at the same time also
  • removable hot dog basket and removable drip tray that make cleaning a breeze

Every Man Cave needs one of these so you can treat yourself and your guest to some delicious Hot Dogs!


Tetris Desk Lamp – Best Gear For Men –

Stack ‘Em Up!

The classic game Tetris is enjoyed by many so we know you are going to love this, The Tetris Desk Lamp! It come with 7 individual blocks that you can stack together in your own unique way. The blocks are a great neon block design which is sure to add a very interesting look in your Man Cave! The light turns on when the pieces are stacked together and turn off when disassembled.

What Are Its Features?

  • Seven pieces interlocking light
  • Based on the famous game Tetris
  • Activated when blocks are stacks
  • Deactivates when disassembled


Tempered Bar Glass Unit –

A Modern Bar For The Modern Man!

Every Man Cave needs a Bar. It’s one of the many reasons why we even have a Man Cave, so we don’t have to walk all the way to kitchen or fridge to make ourselves a refreshing beverage! Its something that will just make life easier when we have the guys over or just enjoying our own company in front of the TV.

What Are Its Features?

  • The dimensions of this product are 50.75″ x 20″ x 41″
  • The design of this bar features a durable metal frame
  • A unique rounded shape and a tempered glass top
  • The bar has a rich cappuccino finish and is sure to make your Man Cave look top quality


Sunglasses Mirror – Furniture –

Looking Good Bro!

We all love looking our best… We spend hours in front of a mirrors sculpting our beards and doing our hair. So for a mirror that will make our Man Cave more personalized and unique, you will love the Sunglasses Mirror!

Yep, we have all been caught at some point looking at our beautiful reflections through someone’s sunglasses. Now we have a giant pair that we can admire ourselves in front of whenever we want! This mirror oozes style and is sure to make a huge impact in any chosen space. This meter wide wall mounted mirror will make your Man Cave the classiest one around your neighbourhood and is simply hung on your wall with 2 screws!