LED Bar Sign –

Where’s The Bar At?

So every Man Cave needs some sort of sign. Not only to locate certain areas but just to brighten up the place and make your unique space stand out from the rest! This LED bar sign is absolutely perfect for your wall!

What Are It’s Features?

This unique bar sign has features:

  • A flashing effect, where you see the liquid constantly pouring into the glass
  • The sign has an on/off switch button on the cord making it hassle free (no batteries are needed!)
  • The sign comes with a metal chain so you can easily hang it up under any window or on the wall
  • It is also safe to touch and operate
  • The lights stay bright for up to 100,000 hours!

This is a great piece for any Man Cave so get your hands on one if you want to help your guest locate the beverage area! Just also remember, its for indoor use ONLY!