Rack & Pour Liquor Dispenser –

Liquor On Demand!

Give the bar in your Man Cave the look and feel it deserves with the Rack and Pour Liquor Dispenser! This is what will make life so much easier when pouring and serving drinks to your guest or when you have just come home from a hard day’s work and you just need to pour yourself a drink.

What Are It’s Features?

  • This liquor dispenser holds 6 of your favourite bottles of liquor
  • Accepts bottles up to 1.75 litres

The liquor dispenser is also wall mounted and takes up very little space and allows you to store bottles in a manner that keeps them handy and ready to use at all times!


Portable Indoor & Outdoor Fireplace –

What man does not love a good old fireplace? They’re warm and relaxing to watch, but what if you don’t have one in your Man Cave? Are you doomed to be without a beautiful fireplace in your own manly space? Of course not! We have got you covered with the Portable Indoor & Outdoor Fireplace!

This modern style fireplace is perfect for your cave or any room in your house as it doesn’t take up much space and will add a very luxurious touch to where ever you put it! The fireplace has floating glass panels and has 3 opening for the gel fuel cans for operation, giving off just the right amount of heat and the glass does not get hot to touch!

Perfect to place in your Man Cave and makes a relaxing feature!


The Plug-in USB Wall Outlet –

Making Your Man Cave Gadget Friendly!

Due to the rise of USB Plug-ins being used we thought we would try to make your life a little bit easier here at Strictly Man Cave. Introducing the USB Plug-in Wall Outlet!

The winner of a Best Innovations Award at the Consumer Electronics Show, these are the AC wall outlets with two built-in USB ports. It activates with a simple AC plug-in so no hard wiring is needed!


PizzaCraft Pizza Oven! –

Home Made Pizza Anyone?

A man loves to eat, and pizza is one of those amazing meals that suit any occasion or just makes a perfect Friday night dinner. That’s why the Pizza Oven by PizzaCraft is a must!

What Makes This Unique?

It’s portable so you can take it on camping trips, outdoor gatherings and pretty much anywhere you want! Not to mention but this is easy to use, simply hook it up to a propane tank, turn it on and let it pre-heat for 10 minutes and its ready to make some top quality pizza!

Pizza night will never be the same so enjoy some of the most amazingly cooked pizza in your Man Cave!


Pittsburgh Steelers Pool Table –

For The Pittsburgh Fans!

If your a sports man and love NFL then we have a pool table that is ideal for you! The Pittsburgh Steelers Pool Table!

What Are Its Features?

This Steelers pool table makes the perfect table to place in the Man Cave with features such as,

  • Measures at 8 foot long and has a playing surface height of 31″.
  • This table also has chrome corners and a ball return box instead of pockets, which not only look cool but make retrieving the balls easier.
  • The Steelers logo is clear and colourful so your team’s colours are displayed proudly on your new table and will make your man cave stand out from the rest!


The Personal Whac-A-Mole Game –

Hidden Whack-A-Mole Arcade Game!

We all love the Whac-A-Mole game so how about we personalize it and throw it in the Man Cave?

The game is exactly the ones found at the carnival! Five moles jump up randomly while you try to smash as many of them as you can with a mallet for points!

This one comes with a walnut veneer cabinet that automatically opens and closes at the touch of a button from the included remote!


Ninja Star Coat Hook – Furniture –

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting!

As a good host of your man cave you need to be able to safely store their coats. No, that doesn’t mean throwing them on the couch… If you want to keep your Man Cave as unique as it already is then these coat hangers will transform your Man Cave into a ninja stand-off with these, The Ninja Star Coat Hook!

What Makes These Unique?

These ninja star coat hangers will make your Man Cave look like they have been under attack by a gang of assassins. One corner of the throwing star has cleverly been engineered into a screw to make it look likes its been thrown into your wall. The blades are smooth and coat friendly hanging points!


NeverXhale Hookah Kit –

Never Exhale!

One of the oldest smoking methods and also probably still one of the best, The Hookah! For the men who love nothing more than to just chill out and relax in there Man Cave and enjoy a quality smoking session, then this bad boy is for you! Simply Chill and smoke away or maybe practice some smoke tricks? Either way it is something that’s absolutely perfect for your Man Cave!

What Does The Kit Include?

The kit includes:

  • The 18″ Complete Hookah System
  • Molasses
  • Charcoal
  • Screen
  • And a kick-ass carry case!

Also this kit includes 3 random popular flavours of hydro herbal molasses! They are picked at random for each order.


Muscle Mug – Badass Gear For Men –

Get sipping and ripping!

With the Muscle Mug, you can get ripped and get to enjoy an ice cold beer all at once! This is the first beer mug that has a spring loaded grip exerciser so you can get pump those forearms up while you enjoy a refreshing beer at the same time!

What Are It’s Features?

  • This manly beer mug holds 20 oz of beer
  • BPA free
  • Perfect for a gag gift or just something manly for your Man Cave!


The Mirthful Sommelier’s Wine Glasses –

Had A Bit To Drink I See?

Do you enjoy a nice bottle of wine here and there? Well if your Man Cave is a bit out of the ordinary we have got something great for your next wine drinking experience! Introducing to you The Mirthful Sommelier’s Wine Glasses!

What Makes These So Unique?

The Mirthful Sommelier’s Wine Glasses have bent stems, adding a weird touch of to the wine glasses appearance. Despite the appearance of the wine glasses these have a very sturdy base! They come in a set of two 12oz glasses and are completely dishwasher safe!