The Beer Glass Froster – Barware –

Keep Those Glasses Chilled!

We all love cold beers! Nothing is worse than when a perfectly good beer is ruined due to warm temperatures, so if you want to build a kick ass bar in your Man Cave and eliminate this problem then this is a must. The Beer Glass Froster!

The Beer Glass Froster is a device that frosts a beer glass in just 10 seconds! The glass froster connects to a CO2 tank (not included) and its emits a frosty cloud that turns your room temperature beer glass into a nice icy cold glass in seconds.

What Are It’s Features?

  • The froster mounts to a bar or counter top with the included clamp and takes up little space
  • A blue LED lights up onto the glass as it is being frosted
  • Chills glasses in 10 seconds