The Chill Maintaining Pilsner Glasses –

Ice Cold, Right When You Need It!

Nothing is worse than a glass of warm beer… After a hard day’s work of doing manly task, we deserve to have an ice cold refreshment in our hands! Problem is, even when chilling a glass, the beer gets to room temperature way to quickly! So a solution has been made to solve this problem once and for all, The Chill Maintaining Pilsner Glasses!

These Pilsner Glasses keep beer chilled between 32 and 36 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes! The double walled glass has a cooling liquid between both layers that freezes after one hour in the freezer. The glasses are made out of durable, borosilicate glass that can withstand extreme temperatures of -22 F to 482 F, and their double walled construction prevents hands from getting to cold when holding the chilled glass. The Glasses are dishwasher safe and comes in a set of four.