The Instant French Fry Slicer –

Fresh Fries On Demand!

So who doesn’t love French Fries? They are one of the worlds most favourite foods, so why not enjoy these in your Man Cave? But instead of going out and buying some greasy and fatty chips, how about slicing your own to perfection with just a simple push of a lever? Sounds to good to be true? WRONG! The Instant French Fry Slicer is all you will ever need!

What Are Its Features? 

  • The slicer has two different chip size options and has blades that make up to 36 steak fries or 64 matchstick fries, each one up to 3 1/2″ long and make the chips almost identical  ensure even cooking in a deep fryer or oven!
  • Activated buy a simple push lever

Enjoy the perfect french fry in your Man Cave today with the Instant French Fry Slicer!