The Shot Roulette By Ez Drinker –

Get Spinnin’ And Sippin’:

Okay guys here it is! Shot Roulette by Ez Drinker! What a great gadget for your man cave. If you want a kick ass start to a party, a night with the boys or just some good entertainment then there is nothing better than the game of Shot Roulette. Simply fill your shot glasses with your booze and take turns spinning the roulette wheel one by one! Each number corresponds to a shot glass. So make it interesting and fill each shot glass with something different!

What’s Included In The Set?

This game set comes with:

  • 16 shot glasses
  • a functional roulette wheel
  • 2 metallic balls

The Shot Roulette is a great drinking game for you and your buddies, not to mention it is very affordable too!