Walking for Fitness!!

Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. Anything that raises the heartbeat above a resting state can be considered exercise including an activity that most of us overlook – walking. Walking is the perfect solution to most of our weight and fitness struggles, as it is free, easy, satisfying and suitable for all ages and weight groups.

This guide will provide you will a thorough introduction into everything you need to know about walking for fitness, such as how to avoid, recognize and deal with common injuries, how to stay hydrated, prepare for long distance walking and much, much more.

I bet many of you have taken a few hundred or even a thousand or more steps already today, see we told you it was easy, you’re exercising without even realizing it.

All many of us need to do to turn a few more steps into an effective exercise regime is make a few small changes to our daily routine. In fact these changes are so small that many of us could do them with even thinking about it. It really is that easy.

So forget about buying that expensive exercise equipment, signing up to monthly gym membership fees, and trying the latest fad diet and get your walking shoes on instead and walk your way to a fitter and healthier you.

By the end of this guide you should be prepared to take up a new walking regime. So what are you waiting for let’s get going, let’s get fit, and most importantly lets have fun!

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